Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Everything faded away like a sunset
May be night came in at a wrong time

Stars and moon gazed frm the high skies
And my heart and lyf wer worst ever blue

I sat in the seashore alone watching waves
Each waves showed me days we shared in the past

As the night grew older,Tides were at their lowest
The night and darkness faded slowly to dawn

Waves were blue and even the sky slowly turned blue
It was me in the seasore watching the same sun

I saw it set,wen my heart shattered into pieces
I saw it rise,pushing me to the dawn of darkness

Sun was bright and brighter colors all around
Walking to my room I saw the world in light

I looked at the sun in despair..The same sun
Thoughts of that sunset pierced ma broken heart again

Ma world became colourless thn black and then dark
I ran into the deep darkness away from the light

So far that I slowly faded away from the world
So far from sun and its light,I walked into duskiness

Slowly faded and found myself invisible in inquity...


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Versha Verma said...
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