Monday, March 30, 2009

There is a fire ~~~ in and around me

Took me years and years to know
And smiles and tears to know
What ever I do to be alive
There is a fire,burning fire

I hid the pain in my eyes
And hoped tears would wash it
I locked myself in a dark room
Then I ran miles into the woods

I had a fire in me,buring fire
Never ending thirst to live
I saw me rising above the sun
To see the world beneath me

I went deep into the ocean
Drank water for my thrist
I saw me floating in the waves
Weightless but still burning

Then I went deep inside me
And asked myself about the fire
I lived talking to myself
To end the thrist and burinig fire

Gradually I ended my thirst
With fire still burining inside
Because now I know,there is a fire
Waiting for me,burning fire


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