Saturday, November 15, 2008

She is gone...

Suddenly I know Im still here
With a soul far away from here

Beyond seven mountains and oceans
Where you cannot go by any means

In search of peace,shes gone
Leaving my body here,shes gone

Ive captivated her for my selfish needs
Ive seen her cry,doing selfish deeds

Never thought of her,now shes gone
Never heard from her,now shes gone

I am losing my sanity without her
Ive lost my senses without her

Somebody please take me to her
Almighy please take me to you

My heart is sobbing without her
Almighty please take me to you

Lifes gone out of me without her
Almighty please let me come to you

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am trying to ask questions
Which are silly and no sense
I am trying to dream of things
Full of fantasy,which make no sense
I am trying to tell my friends
Ive seen a flyin saucer and aliens
I am trying to force my mom
To take me in her arms......

Days have passed lightin fast
Never thot Ill be grown up so fast
Now i feel pencils are hard to write
And a feeling tht Im always right
Tell me..Am I Kid actin Grown up?
Or Am I really that Grown up

God give me back ma fightin days
For a bench with so little space
Give me those days with little mates
With whom I Wrote with pencil slates
Now I want that wonderful days
When I used to dream of grown up days


Im sorry for everything
Every which stole your smile

A smile which took my heart away
Away into dreams with you

With your heart I went through
All Emotions of life

It was those sweet dreams
which made my life for months

For months I lived with your smile
Still smiling in my heart

With each and every beat just
Beating for you ,gal

Until I found that smile is gone
Gone from your face forever

Sorry gal for stealing your smile
Here it is take it back
Back from my Broken heart

Id like thank you,gal
For these sweet months uve given

And I lived with your smile
These months and will be forever

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ma known stranger :)

One stranger told me once

Always trust your friends

Told me to do things how

The way that I do now

Asked me to be the one

The best under the sun

Placed smile in my face

Which never was the case

I think now that stranger

Was no more a stranger

Then told me to talk my life

We shared each others life

Then we lived days sharing

And with each others caring

We were no more friends

We were more than just friends

"Not every relations have names"

When your eyes said it,
I knew thats was the end of it.

End of a special journey together
Which I thought will be forever

The world pushed me to ask you
Even the stars forced to do so

Why i still wonder,I did so
So foolish I asked you so...

Years of friendship all ended
Tears of pain,Now I knw

Why It is said by some wise names
Not every relations have names

You knew all about my heart
Some said you are my sweetheart

Fell in those words,I said to you
I love you my sweetheart........

But When your eyes said it,
I knew thats was the end of it.

End of a special journey together
Which I thought will be forever

Trust me now,forgive me now
Because now I can feel How

You were more than a friend
You knew all about my heart

The stars told me so,And
The world asked to do so.

My life has taught me now
"Not every relations have names"

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