Monday, January 26, 2009

Songs of eternal silence...

I am a silent drummer
Without any drums by my side
I drum in the air
Beating the rhythm of silence
Striking chord with inanity
Seen in the eyes of bairn
I beat when it blinks
Beating the drum of silence
World sleeps with the silence
I play that tune of the world
Sielnce shows non vioence
I sing that hymn for the world
Life starts all alone
And when silence is broken we cry
Life ends and we are again alone
And for us the world will cry
I sing that silence song
Silence before birth and after death
I am a silent drummer
I beat the drums for the world
I sing for the blusterous world
Songs of eternal silence...


Little Johny

**Sometime the chemical locha in kris's mind becomes too critical...but he determined like always..never put his pen down :P ...and the result is below...njoy reading... :) and dont forget to sing (with action) it to your 5 year old:D

Buzzing mosquitoes in his ears
Little johny wanted to sleep
Exam stress and pressure
And Johny heard the alarm beep

He wakes up and brushes
To the study room he brushes
Piles of books in the table
Some thinker than Easop fable

Hours passed and its dawn
Johny studied without a yawn
Johny dresses up and runs
No time for bread or buns

Johny prayed to the God
Took sheets to write
Johny wrote a lot
More than Smartest of the lot
When times up,johny`s done
His face said to all,Mission done
Johny ran to his Mom
And said he knew it all

Johny!!!Mom came up shouting
Saw Johny is sleeping
And his alarm clock still beeping
9 o clock Mom said to Johny

And our smart little Johny
Wakes up and starts brushing
And put up his lazy gig
Says "My mom neva allows me to dream big"

white rose

Miles away deep into the woods
Bloomed a silent flower,white rose
Snowing and white misty mountain
Looked down to the flower,white rose

Amazed rose looked around to see
White glaciers and snow capped mountain
Saw the white fox and howling wolves
Among them stood the silent flower,white rose

Standing among the frozen white snow
Looked up to see the snow capped mountain
Silent rose danced with chilling breeze
Her white petals flew ith the tiny dewlets

Slowly tears poured from the white mountain
As the silent white primrose looked down
Mountain was so white as the rose so light
Till the sun came up and shined so bright

And the rose silently went back under snow
Tears flowed from the tall mountain peak
Washed away the white snowy woods to green
Still the silent white primrose was not seen

Cuckoos sang the first spring Symphonies
And came the buzzing bees and clourful butterflies
Spring time and smiles all around green woods
But for the mountain once so white,now all black......

Monday, January 19, 2009


She was the light of their life
She was the angle of their life
She was the one, full of life
She was the only in their life

Seeing her magic of spreadin smiles
Seeing her eyes blinking like stars
My heart saw seasons with her
And a lifetime to smile with her

She became the spark of my life
She became the faith of my life
She became the one who showed me life
She became the only one in my life

In a day all seasons passed in a flash
All smiles and laughter went in a flash
Eyes consoled my "It was just a mirage"
She left me alone went up to the sky

I guided them the path of my light
Following they went for the light
They saw birds flying in the sky
No one saw her shining in the sky

She was the only hope in my life
She was the living dream of my life
She set the waves of my own life
She was the present and past of my life

All those who went in search of my light
Following the light,my only light
All saw the moon and stars in the sky
No one saw her blinking in the sky

She is shining upther in the sky
She is shining among stars in the sky
She is looking at me from the sky
She is ther,the only I can see in the sky

For all those who think unreal and magic
It is not a fantasy,shes real to me
Like waves for the ocean,shes ther for me
Shining,guiding only for me.........


*This is just an extract from the poem cum story which kris is upto these days...story is about a boy who falls in love with a girl - who is dead- no more in this world....but has left her diaries, poems, creations the hero of our story feels her around and is madly in love with wait till he comletes his poem...keep checking blog..for rest of the part...

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