Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Everything faded away like a sunset
May be night came in at a wrong time

Stars and moon gazed frm the high skies
And my heart and lyf wer worst ever blue

I sat in the seashore alone watching waves
Each waves showed me days we shared in the past

As the night grew older,Tides were at their lowest
The night and darkness faded slowly to dawn

Waves were blue and even the sky slowly turned blue
It was me in the seasore watching the same sun

I saw it set,wen my heart shattered into pieces
I saw it rise,pushing me to the dawn of darkness

Sun was bright and brighter colors all around
Walking to my room I saw the world in light

I looked at the sun in despair..The same sun
Thoughts of that sunset pierced ma broken heart again

Ma world became colourless thn black and then dark
I ran into the deep darkness away from the light

So far that I slowly faded away from the world
So far from sun and its light,I walked into duskiness

Slowly faded and found myself invisible in inquity...

Monday, April 27, 2009


With the light air inside
Swaying selflessly in the air
So light as It will burst
Into a thousand droplets

If I try to touch it
To feel is altruism

Away from the single source
It flew up slowly to the sky
With its shining shell of beauty

Showing me its colours in a spectrum
Of a single ray of setting sun
Inviting me to touch it
To feel the selfless way of life

Asking me to break the shackles
And sway in the air like the bubble
So humble and gentle up in the air

This might be just an illusion
Mere Fantasy or a dream

Still i see it swaying in the air
With enchanting shell of beauty
Inviting me to touch it and feel it
So selflessly to burst into a thousand droplets.......


Thursday, April 23, 2009

I will forget you one day

Pre Script : Ram is far from home..i mean he was already far from home..given his home is in Calicut and he was in Chennai...but now he is far from Chennai 2....he is in a small tiny miny place where his "
branded" stomach refuses to digest the local food..he told me that even Lian (one of our very caring colleague/senior/friend) has allowed him to skip food...because the food is actually bad...i doubt whether the following poem is just an outcome of his empty stomach, occasionally filled with tender coconut???...anyways whatever...

he told me that he is again seeing rainbow in dark night sky (
this once happened b4 and the result were a bunch of poems on love which i think i have published, may be or may be not..)..i wish he is ok...but then his insanity is the only sign of him being in his senses :D :D.....

he exclusively asked me to check out this poem when he seldom mentions about his writings in any of our conversation...its a silent Gmail affair ;)....he told me he is into
"realistic sadness" (a poetic term coined by him?..may be who knows) and that the poem ll prove it....

now when i read this i am sure of two things...

first the realistic sadness is not a term coined by him..the poem is reallly a reality and sad...

second i know tender coconut has nothing to do with the has to do with a real person..sad as it may sound..but i know its no fiction...anyways sit back and enjoy...

I will forget you one day
The days of million emotions we shared
Discussing things of which we were scared
I will forget all these one day
Like the day fading into its dusk
Our promises will fade away into the dark

New relations and more people between us
Will make us shout to hear each other
Where once we heard each other`s heartbeat
Even when we were miles apart

Impatience of the infancy will grow up
Even if we never wanted it to happen
Life will go so busy for us
Leaving us less time time to turn back
And thus our past will fade away
Into mere dusted old tales of life
The same past were we celebrated our relation
Like a new beginning till the very end of our life

As the melting glaciers of the poles
It will be very slow,but still melting
Just like the way we came close
I will forget you one day
Place you in my shelves of past
Which I rarely or never go through
I will forget you one day
Just like the way we met one day


Friday, April 17, 2009

HAIKU and more Haiku

I should have posted this in march or so...those were the days me and RAM a.k.a KRIS were just mad about HAIKU....making every three lines fit the criteria of it...well this just took us to limerick and then a lot of Chinese ad Japanese poetry styles....

Sorry forgot to tell you what actually a Haiku is...

A haiku is basically a 5-7-5 syllable something poetry...or say lines..coz they don’t rhyme, and seldom contain any of the poetic devices, it’s simple presentation of a thing, moment or person. One more quality of Haiku is Kigo, a seasonal word, as Haiku is traditionally based on nature, and the use of Kigo is somewhat customary.

For further details refer the teachings on Haiku of
Prats at WL or my personal blog

So here's his HAIKUs...

A Tear from my eyes
As Dew falls from a leaftip
My Darkest winter

Wind blowing ever so hard
My dreams I held very tight
Slowly,Its fading

Thy lord made some smile
Why is it tears in the rest
Les Miserable

My Past is so sweet
Now my life is bittersweet
My nostalgic pain

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