Friday, February 27, 2009

Broken chair

Its a broken wooden chair Made centuries back

It has seen laughing angels
Crying devils too

It broke its back leg
And a cracked its seat too

Dont Sit on that wooden chair Its broken,centuries ago

Broke wen it saw devil laugh
And crying angles too

People sat on it,played piano
Nobody listened to its weep

It cried and asked for help

All listened to the symphonies

No one listened to help
Lords sat on it, and dukes too

Neither saw the crack in the leg Ministers came,peoples representatives

Decades past still noone came for help

History talk about leaders and greats

None of them saw the crack in the leg

One day chair broke its leg

When laughing devil sat on it

Crying angles left its seat

Seat too started cracking like the leg

Dont sit on that wooden chair

Its broken..

Waiting for a hero to fix it
Till then its a broken chair...


Monday, February 23, 2009

Girl at the Bus Stand

A special day in the crowded street
A lot of colors and a beating sun

Among the red white green I saw blue
After that in the crowd I saw only blue

As sun glowed in the vast blue sky
She just glowed in the light blue

She stood listening to her earphones
And I started to hear her music in my ears

Her eyes looked coffee brown in the sun
Blinking to the beat of my heart

She was the one for me,her eyes said
As I saw my reflection in her eyes

In the evening sunshine she stood
And me in bus caught in the traffic

As every second in the clock shot down
The pain of departure got me and my heart

With no aim I jumped out of my bus
As I just couldn't leave her there

As each bus passed the stop
Every time my heart skipped a beat

Eventually when she left me there alone
By that time I was nomore alone......


Friday, February 20, 2009

My First Step

First step I took was holing my mom`s hand
My first own step I fell tumbling down
Steps I took alone were never again perfect
Like the step I took holding my mom tight

Amazed watching the sky and stars I wandered
Those where the steps,I took with no aim
And for those aimless steps I had to down
And take small steps forward in shame

I tried to repeat those successful small steps
But failed as I lost trust of that guiding hand
I look ahead straight ,but my steps were scattered
And ended up in stepping into deep waters

I was slowly drowning into deep waters in tears
I saw a hand reaching out for me
Holding it tight,got out of the water
Took first steps out of the blackwaters

Held that hand to guide me walk again
And when I was about to run again
That hand held me tight from running
And controlled my steps towards perfection

Aimless steps slowly started to have direction
My steps were getting close to perfection
Holding that hand I took steps with a definite aim
And started to climb up the steps of fame

No longer my steps scattered everywhere
Because I walking holding that hand everywhere
And I walked rest of my life holding her hand
Her hand,which helped me repeat my very first step...

Friday, February 13, 2009


Into the rain,I walked
To the rain ,I talked
In a rainy night Im all alone
Walking in the street all alone

Made mates with shimmering light
And flirted with reflection of light
As she glittered in the black road
As she glowed in the black road

She shone golden of the neon lamp
She winked at me , once again
She was there looking at me for hours
I shared my pain with her and sorrows

In that rainy night,I was no more alone
Sitting in the footpath,I was not at all alone
She was listening to me,the whole night
She was winking and glittering all night

At dawn,Slowly she went away
Leaving me alone,she faded away
As vehicle and sun were to be seen
She was nowhere to be seen

And I walked of that street slowly
And I am still waiting for a rainy night
To meet her once again in that footpath
To see her ,talk to her as she glittered in the black road

A Dream....

Around the pool of sparkling spring
In the red rose bed the mid spring

With sun shining above me today
Ive been waiting long for this day

Humming bees and butterflies by my side
And little birdie looking to sit by my side

Far away in the lush green prairies
I can see my new house without boundaries

Living in the concrete jungle these years
Seeing only busy and life full of tears

Living with strangers,only for money
And now It ll be only me and my honey

Living with wild ducks and pigs
And eating berries and figs

It now seems like I ve found my life
Living in a farmland with my wife

I am now where I really belong
Why was I waiting for so long?

Im now a normal living creature
Living close to our mother nature


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