Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am trying to ask questions
Which are silly and no sense
I am trying to dream of things
Full of fantasy,which make no sense
I am trying to tell my friends
Ive seen a flyin saucer and aliens
I am trying to force my mom
To take me in her arms......

Days have passed lightin fast
Never thot Ill be grown up so fast
Now i feel pencils are hard to write
And a feeling tht Im always right
Tell me..Am I Kid actin Grown up?
Or Am I really that Grown up

God give me back ma fightin days
For a bench with so little space
Give me those days with little mates
With whom I Wrote with pencil slates
Now I want that wonderful days
When I used to dream of grown up days


swathi said...

i thnk this is teh best of the lot!..

n btw henna....gud wrk gal!! n the intro is gud! :)

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