Friday, April 17, 2009

HAIKU and more Haiku

I should have posted this in march or so...those were the days me and RAM a.k.a KRIS were just mad about HAIKU....making every three lines fit the criteria of it...well this just took us to limerick and then a lot of Chinese ad Japanese poetry styles....

Sorry forgot to tell you what actually a Haiku is...

A haiku is basically a 5-7-5 syllable something poetry...or say lines..coz they don’t rhyme, and seldom contain any of the poetic devices, it’s simple presentation of a thing, moment or person. One more quality of Haiku is Kigo, a seasonal word, as Haiku is traditionally based on nature, and the use of Kigo is somewhat customary.

For further details refer the teachings on Haiku of
Prats at WL or my personal blog

So here's his HAIKUs...

A Tear from my eyes
As Dew falls from a leaftip
My Darkest winter

Wind blowing ever so hard
My dreams I held very tight
Slowly,Its fading

Thy lord made some smile
Why is it tears in the rest
Les Miserable

My Past is so sweet
Now my life is bittersweet
My nostalgic pain


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