Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am sitting with an Inkless pen
On the black rocks looking high
To pen the story of existence
Without a myth to defend myself
Days of crystal white sky above
There once I sat amazed and alone
Gazing at the white sky with no fear
As it spread like a sacred desert
Covered by the night smog from distant fire
And spreading its scent of infinity all around
Endless white and unanswered questions
Signs of surrender and peace so bright
All across the white blank heaven
Slowly it dissolved in the mystery
Just leaving a proof of its existence
And giving me unsolved new puzzles
A new one every single time
But in no time its white again
Leaving me clueless and more amazed

Seasons with colours and grey passed
And im still sitting with the inkless pen
To pen the story of existence
Aiming to break silence of the wind
To solve the blankness spread wide
My story of existence will begin
When the white blankness clears
Giving me words and lines to write
Till the day the divine sky clears
Ill be waiting with my inkless pen
Gazing the white sky spread above....



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