Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Johny

**Sometime the chemical locha in kris's mind becomes too critical...but he determined like always..never put his pen down :P ...and the result is below...njoy reading... :) and dont forget to sing (with action) it to your 5 year old:D

Buzzing mosquitoes in his ears
Little johny wanted to sleep
Exam stress and pressure
And Johny heard the alarm beep

He wakes up and brushes
To the study room he brushes
Piles of books in the table
Some thinker than Easop fable

Hours passed and its dawn
Johny studied without a yawn
Johny dresses up and runs
No time for bread or buns

Johny prayed to the God
Took sheets to write
Johny wrote a lot
More than Smartest of the lot
When times up,johny`s done
His face said to all,Mission done
Johny ran to his Mom
And said he knew it all

Johny!!!Mom came up shouting
Saw Johny is sleeping
And his alarm clock still beeping
9 o clock Mom said to Johny

And our smart little Johny
Wakes up and starts brushing
And put up his lazy gig
Says "My mom neva allows me to dream big"


JaLpArI said...

this is the best of all

:D :D :D :D
really sweet and funny

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