Monday, January 19, 2009


She was the light of their life
She was the angle of their life
She was the one, full of life
She was the only in their life

Seeing her magic of spreadin smiles
Seeing her eyes blinking like stars
My heart saw seasons with her
And a lifetime to smile with her

She became the spark of my life
She became the faith of my life
She became the one who showed me life
She became the only one in my life

In a day all seasons passed in a flash
All smiles and laughter went in a flash
Eyes consoled my "It was just a mirage"
She left me alone went up to the sky

I guided them the path of my light
Following they went for the light
They saw birds flying in the sky
No one saw her shining in the sky

She was the only hope in my life
She was the living dream of my life
She set the waves of my own life
She was the present and past of my life

All those who went in search of my light
Following the light,my only light
All saw the moon and stars in the sky
No one saw her blinking in the sky

She is shining upther in the sky
She is shining among stars in the sky
She is looking at me from the sky
She is ther,the only I can see in the sky

For all those who think unreal and magic
It is not a fantasy,shes real to me
Like waves for the ocean,shes ther for me
Shining,guiding only for me.........


*This is just an extract from the poem cum story which kris is upto these days...story is about a boy who falls in love with a girl - who is dead- no more in this world....but has left her diaries, poems, creations the hero of our story feels her around and is madly in love with wait till he comletes his poem...keep checking blog..for rest of the part...


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