Monday, January 26, 2009

white rose

Miles away deep into the woods
Bloomed a silent flower,white rose
Snowing and white misty mountain
Looked down to the flower,white rose

Amazed rose looked around to see
White glaciers and snow capped mountain
Saw the white fox and howling wolves
Among them stood the silent flower,white rose

Standing among the frozen white snow
Looked up to see the snow capped mountain
Silent rose danced with chilling breeze
Her white petals flew ith the tiny dewlets

Slowly tears poured from the white mountain
As the silent white primrose looked down
Mountain was so white as the rose so light
Till the sun came up and shined so bright

And the rose silently went back under snow
Tears flowed from the tall mountain peak
Washed away the white snowy woods to green
Still the silent white primrose was not seen

Cuckoos sang the first spring Symphonies
And came the buzzing bees and clourful butterflies
Spring time and smiles all around green woods
But for the mountain once so white,now all black......


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