Friday, February 27, 2009

Broken chair

Its a broken wooden chair Made centuries back

It has seen laughing angels
Crying devils too

It broke its back leg
And a cracked its seat too

Dont Sit on that wooden chair Its broken,centuries ago

Broke wen it saw devil laugh
And crying angles too

People sat on it,played piano
Nobody listened to its weep

It cried and asked for help

All listened to the symphonies

No one listened to help
Lords sat on it, and dukes too

Neither saw the crack in the leg Ministers came,peoples representatives

Decades past still noone came for help

History talk about leaders and greats

None of them saw the crack in the leg

One day chair broke its leg

When laughing devil sat on it

Crying angles left its seat

Seat too started cracking like the leg

Dont sit on that wooden chair

Its broken..

Waiting for a hero to fix it
Till then its a broken chair...



mistika said...

I love this

Vijayshryaln said...

Hey u got good stuff frnd!!

Tan said...

I came to your blog yesterday, after I saw you there in the WL ... Your name (Blog Name, not H...) Gulshan makes me remember of a nice old TV serial called Gul, Gulshan, Gulfaam ... We loved watching it ... then, it happend so, that I never saw it again!

Nice to meet you here... I remember the title song:

"muskuraatii subah kii aur gunagunaatii shaam kii
ye kahaanii gul kii hai, gulshan kii hai, gulfaam kii"

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

thanks mistika and vijayshryaln.....

pardon me for late re[plying..i js got up too busy wid my hectic schedule..and new blog

hey tan..thanks a lot yaar..well i heard about that serial a lot after i chose my pen name to be gulshan ;)..
thanks for coming..:)

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