Friday, February 13, 2009


Into the rain,I walked
To the rain ,I talked
In a rainy night Im all alone
Walking in the street all alone

Made mates with shimmering light
And flirted with reflection of light
As she glittered in the black road
As she glowed in the black road

She shone golden of the neon lamp
She winked at me , once again
She was there looking at me for hours
I shared my pain with her and sorrows

In that rainy night,I was no more alone
Sitting in the footpath,I was not at all alone
She was listening to me,the whole night
She was winking and glittering all night

At dawn,Slowly she went away
Leaving me alone,she faded away
As vehicle and sun were to be seen
She was nowhere to be seen

And I walked of that street slowly
And I am still waiting for a rainy night
To meet her once again in that footpath
To see her ,talk to her as she glittered in the black road


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