Monday, February 23, 2009

Girl at the Bus Stand

A special day in the crowded street
A lot of colors and a beating sun

Among the red white green I saw blue
After that in the crowd I saw only blue

As sun glowed in the vast blue sky
She just glowed in the light blue

She stood listening to her earphones
And I started to hear her music in my ears

Her eyes looked coffee brown in the sun
Blinking to the beat of my heart

She was the one for me,her eyes said
As I saw my reflection in her eyes

In the evening sunshine she stood
And me in bus caught in the traffic

As every second in the clock shot down
The pain of departure got me and my heart

With no aim I jumped out of my bus
As I just couldn't leave her there

As each bus passed the stop
Every time my heart skipped a beat

Eventually when she left me there alone
By that time I was nomore alone......



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